Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It'll Be A Thing!

New Word:  Cemuse – to distract someone through comedy

It's a verb!  

Indeed it is.  See, English is a confusing language, and it's even worse when Americanized.  A former professor of mine used to say "Most parts of the world speak broken English except the United States, where it's been ground into a fine powder."  "The Three Amigos" teach us that adding 'in' to the front of a word does not necessarily change it's meaning, but it might.  Flammable and Inflammable mean the same thing, but Famous and Infamous most certainly do not.  Go figure.  

Not long ago, I was reminded of the word "Bemused," and being an online entertainer of sorts, I'm well acquainted with the word "Amused."  

When it comes to this Blag, the rest of us very much aren't...

So I figured, why not help out and make English a little easier to digest.  We have "A"mused and "BE"mused, so why not just continue the trend and make "CE"mused.  To make the definition easy to remember, instead of having it be something totally random and unrelated to similar words like "Guest" and "Quest" (and don't even get me started on contranyms like "Oversight" meaning careful supervision as well as carelessness), actually have the meaning follow long the pattern.  So, to Amuse means to entertain, often in a comedic way.  Bemuse means to distract somebody and get them to think about something.  So from now on, Cemuse means to distract somebody with something funny.  

Now all we need is somebody to Cemuse us away from this site, and we're all set. 

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Pah said...

Does this mean that you plan on running through the alphabet?
For example...
De-muse: making something or someone NOT amusing
E-muse: amusing through electronic media such as this
And so on?